Hello World

It’s me, knittingfrenzy18. I might as well open with some 2015 Resolutions (which turn out to be more like goals than resolutions, but whatever).

  1. Pay attention to my soul
  2. Find a work ethic
  3. Become ambidextrous
  4. Write more

Small words, powerful goals. As part of the fourth item listing, I’m writing an actual blog this year. How fun.

Hello World

2 thoughts on “Hello World

    1. For some reason, I feel as if I’m good at visualizing movements, reflecting them, translating them, etc. I just have to train them. At least, the method in which I intend to learn is to practice aggressively, switching where I can. I mean, you didn’t learn good handwriting in one year of kindergarten, and one can’t expect retraining with your non-dominant hand to be any faster.


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