YouTube Limelight: jacksfilms

I spend so much of my time watching YouTube videos, that, hey, it’s become one of those things that defines me. In YouTube Limelight, I’ll feature a content creator whose work stands out to me. Roughly put, the majority of YouTubers can be categorized as Vloggers, Gamers, or Musicians. Here are my favorites.

Another sub-category not mentioned in my intro that I quite roughly (and not literally) place under Vloggers is Comedy. There are a select few comedy channels I enjoy, but I think I’ve have discovered some entertaining ones. jacksfilms is one of them.

Combining a good taste of deadpan, music, legitimately funny cheesy effects, and a little bit of self-deprecation, Jack conducts many series of videos all with the same running theme. Just a few of the running jokes on his channel involve his channel sucking, his ‘biches’ (a YGS #1 mispelling that has become the name for his fanbase), him being gay (he has a girlfriend), and light switches (more on that later).

Some other short things about Jack: he’s fond of his dog, Klondike, his girlfriend, Erin, and green screens. Somehow, he is the only person who convincingly makes me want to listen to his sponsor plugs, even though I am disinterested in what he advertises; they’re gripping in a surprising way.

A word of warning: Jack’s channel is not exactly clean language, but the good thing is that the ‘bad words’ are not the brunt of the comedy or what makes it funny. He’s also a drinker, but he’s also an adult. It’s funny sometimes.

One of his most famous series is Your Grammar Sucks, in which his fanbase sends in horrible YouTube comments, Facebook posts, tweets, etc. from all over the internet, and he reads them aloud comically. Here is one episode:

His second most famous is probably JackAsk, in which people send in questions to him, but unlike other Q&A vlogs, he answers them satirically.

Most recently started, he is running YIAY, or Yesterday I Asked You. Each day, he posts a short video less than 2 minutes long reading comments as usual, which are answers to yesterday’s question (often a prompting question that calls for creativity in humor). At the end of the video, he asks the next question. These are incredibly hilarious for such short videos; he even mixes it up, sometimes adding music or special challenges for the comments. What I appreciate most is that he does it every day, it seems like an easier, shorter video for him to produce, and as a viewer, I don’t have to watch a long video to pack a huge punch of entertainment. (And for the light switch joke, check out YIAY #21 and YIAY #54.)

He also has a hodgepodge of other videos which he collectively calls PMS: parodies, music videos, and sketches. There’s rarely anything that isn’t funny. Here’s a demonstration of his original music videos; this one stemmed from YGS.

A small series that happened that I really loved was called News in Haikus, in which Jack boils down huge current events into haikus. Unfortunately, it kind of trailed off and there were only 5 in total. Here’s is the last of those:

Jack is also a well-connected guy, dating back quite a couple years, he is friends with many gamers, vloggers, and singers, such as Tobuscus, Grace Helbig, and Tay Zonday. His friends have been periodically featured on his channel. He also appears on other channels, most notably TheFineBros, for YouTubers React and MyMusic.

Apart from making hilarious comedy, Jack stands out as a great YouTuber because of who he is as a person. Both as part of a sponsorship and improving his lifestyle, Jack took part in a health challenge that considerably changed his health and living. Even though he comes off as a huge joker, he is quite obviously a hard worker as well. Jack has one of the most reliable schedules any YouTuber can boast, much better than many others I follow. Staying on top of a self-imposed schedule is impressive. In his comedy, Jack may come off as jester, but sometimes he’s almost there at role model status.

The last thing that really sets Jack apart is that he is truly connected to his fanbase, and it shows. Nearly every YouTuber constantly thanks their viewers for supporting them and watching them, and mention how they wouldn’t be where they are without them, but Jack doesn’t do that; instead, he thanks everyone by simply being in there with them and constantly being friends. The majority of his videos rely on comments submitted or collected by his viewers, which he personally reads and selects, and especially with YIAY happening daily, he’s reading comments daily. One of his long-running outros for YGS was a video of him and a bunch of fans singing the song. It’s safe to say Jack’s videos couldn’t even exist without viewers’ participation, and that makes it so much more personal and special.

So, if you can be above crude language and drinking for the sake of comedy (and this is one of the smallest for the sakes ever), I’m not sure who Jack couldn’t make laugh. He’s, at the time of writing, currently on the rise to 2 million subscribers, and will certainly be there soon.

YouTube Limelight: jacksfilms


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