Yarn Over: Crazy Legwarmer, Luna Lovegood, and Halloween In General

It’s been years since I’ve trick-or-treated, but nevertheless Halloween has become a time every year around which I must put together and wear a costume.

I usually pick one fandom every year and choose one favorite character. One year, I was Twelvetoes from Schoolhouse Rock, last year I did Jojo the Food Critic from Flipline, and so on. This year it was a throwup between Harry Potter (which I only read for the first time this year) and League of Legends, but I decided on Harry Potter since I am still relatively new to LoL and a costume from LoL would take time I didn’t have.

Find Luna MemeOnce I had chosen Harry Potter, it was a no-brainer which character I’d be–Luna Lovegood. She is the character I relate most to, and I cannot express how much I understand her and am like her. Plus, she has the most distinctive wardrobe from her world.

I chose a particular outfit from the movies to roughly emulate–luckily it was just time to buy fall clothes and I could buy a skirt I would wear normally anyways. I had blue leggings from being Jojo, and my sister has a pink raincoat that I fit into, if not on the small side.


I spent [a little too much] time on creating Spectrespecs from a template, cardboard, white cardstock, recycled plastic from a Q-tips box, a metallic gold candy wrapper, and multiple pink markers, but they turned out quite amazing. My sister helped me attach them to my own glasses, making them easy to wear. On one hand, I can’t see very clearly out of them anymore, but I can marvelously detect the Wrackspurts!

I also printed out part of a fan-written 2011 issue of the Quibbler. It’s hard to read but it has actual articles (doubly silly due to the nature of the Quibbler and the fan-made aspect of it).

A small detail that I added was a Butterbeer cork necklace. I found a screw eye in our toolbox and screwed it into a cork, and piece of yarn made an incredibly simple necklace. In the books, Luna is actually described as wearing a necklace of Butterbeer caps, but in the movie she has a cork. That’s alright with me, as we don’t have bottle caps lying around, but we did have a cork in our old science kits.

Cork Necklace

While reviewing my costume I realized how much I was going to be relying on props for recognition, but it would be quite distinctive with all of them. The last prop that I had, was, in fact, her wand. Last December, I was told quite suddenly that we were visiting Harry Potter World, and I needed to read the first book. By the time we went there and ‘had to’ get a wand, I had only read the first book and had to choose one based on which I thought looked the prettiest. Quite coincidentally, I chose Luna’s, even though I didn’t know who she was yet, and she turned out to be my favorite personality from the series when I finished reading the next month.

Luna's Wand

Also in this outfit were these amazing blue legwarmers–or socks, I couldn’t tell which. But legwarmers have been in my pattern queue forever, and I finally saw an opportunity to make them, and simultaneously stash-bust. I decided to go extra crazy and choose every 1-inch ball of blue yarn I had, and make uneven, out-of-control stripes. Unfortunately, I only made one in time, but Luna has an excuse for that–the Nargles are behind the ‘disappearance’ of her other one. (I plan to finish the other one eventually for a complete set.)

Blue Stripes Legwarmer

I always seem to knit or crochet something for my Halloween costume–last year it was a black wool beret with blue satin ribbon. My favorite thing is that I can always wear pieces throughout the year normally–the hat has seen other uses, and I still wear the blue leggings. The skirt I am wearing for Luna will be used normally as well. I have fun piecing together legit, but homemade costumes each year.

And I’ve been feeling extra-teenagery recently and I have this big candy craving, so heck, I’ll be going trick-or-treating tonight.

Yarn Over: Crazy Legwarmer, Luna Lovegood, and Halloween In General


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