One Year

I don’t even believe in New Year’s (seems rather arbitrary, doesn’t anyone else feel this way?), besides the fact that I am hesitant to post informally on this blog, but watching other people do New Year’s posts just looks so attractive. They’re so pretty, even if I believe they’re pointless. I guess they do store up memories, sort of.

Quickly first–last year I resolved to become ambidextrous and write more. I definitely wrote more, and left handed writing is quite comfortable for me now, even if it’s still ugly looking. In general, though, I will keep working on my left hand.

This year, I have three resolutions:

  1. Rely on myself less and on God more
  2. Love everybody as much as I can
  3. (as a specificity of #2) Hold the door and don’t let go until everyone has passed through

In 2015, I:

  • Started this blog and got excited about writing (Jan)
  • Put on a musical sort of, in the cave (Mar)
  • Took 4th place in MC State for the 2nd consecutive year (Mar)
  • Sang in a choir (Apr, Nov-Dec)
  • Attended my third and final National SO (May)
  • Traveled without my parents for the first time, to LA, and flew on a plane back solo (not specifically under any adults) (Jun) (random: said solo flight had the Rhodes twins on it)
  • Went back to Adventure camp (Jul)
  • Did Shakespeare for real for the first time (Aug)
  • Crazy XC thing (Aug)
  • Went to…public school. *hangs head* (Sept)
  • Left my orchestra of seven years (Sept)
  • Saw Newsies on tour (Nov)
  • Quit cello lessons (Dec)
  • Saw Matilda on tour (Dec)
  • Knit a ton (Sept-Dec)
  • Went to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas (including David Copperfield) for the first time (Dec)
  • Generally wrote a lot, including working on three books, finishing one of those, and a ton of random essays and poems

If I wrote a list of people’s names this year, it would be awfully long and I would miss people. So instead let me generalize:

  • Thanks to my family for loving me, putting up with me, being patient with me, and supporting me in general.
  • Thanks to my homeschool fam–I know how disrespected I must seem now since I looked on other deserters like that, but I still love the entire community as much as before. Thanks for my childhood.
  • Thanks to everyone at my new school for exceeding expectations and making it easy to transition. I cannot express how much my heart is with every one of my new acquaintances there.
  • VS, for continuing to be there
  • RC, for talking to me

Neither are these bullet points equivalent in weight but I figured I might mention the last two.

On this blog: I am sad about the extremely dotty content, but I find I feel more satisfied with posting well when I feel motivated than forcing it out from somewhere that is not my heart. So the activity here will likely continue as before, but I have no wishes to abandon.

2016, I guess? Again, I don’t really believe in New Year’s.

One Year

2 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Watch out on Resolution #3- I usually feel compelled to hold the door for everyone and usually, as a result, end up either 1) making the party I’m with wait for me, or 2) acting like a human doorstop because a huge influx of people will show up just as I open the door.


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