Two Years

An egotistic chronicling of¬†achievements and ‘done-that’s

  • Saw PTX in concert! (May 12)
  • Read 23 books over the summer (June 17 – August 28)
  • Ran 262 miles as summer training for fall XC (June 17 – August 28)
  • Knit an entire dress for my Halloween costume (October 1 – 30)
  • Made a XC scrapbook covering 5th grade until 11th grade (November)
  • Knit 24 headbands (and other birthday gifts throughout the fall) (December)
  • Put 1400 roses on a float in the Rose Parade (December 31)
  • Made at least 3 cool arts
  • Recorded¬†3 pieces of music
  • Wrote a bunch of essays and drabbles
  • Opened up the wormhole that is Facebook
  • Definitely watched more movies this year than my entire life combined

People in my year

  • Mama
  • Dada
  • Rin
  • run for fun
    • TD, AP, JP, VH, DK, SK, SS, BS, and more – conquered and melted together
    • JR, AT, EC – carpool squad
    • RQ, JB, SS, JS – my favorite new friends
    • AL, OH, AD’A, MP, DH, BD, AB, NU, SS, JS – the crazy freshmen, also my favorite
    • JS, ML, TG, SK, DK, HB – I pretend I’m part of you, also my favorite
    • LS, TL, RW, NC, CW, AVG, MF, MK, EH, EB, AC, VS, GK, TD, AP, SS, BS, KS, AU, and all the rest – cool people, also my favorite
  • JP, JN, I guess
  • JS, SS, RQ – again, because we talk
  • MF, JQ – again, because you make me laugh
  • RC, JP – ?
  • AW
  • JD
  • VS – on and on
Two Years


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