Tech Toolbox: Lightshot

I will never be able to truly consider myself well-versed in technology; very few people have seen it all. But I do love searching out the best I can find, and once I find it, I stick with it. In my Tech Toolbox I share my favorite software, applications, and occasionally gadgets.

One of my goals in this column is to find the best software for specific, ordinary purposes, and share that. An example of a staple any computer user needs is screenshot tools. Most computers come equipped without a good way to handle screenshots; the image copies into the clipboard and just kind of…is there. Pasting images isn’t compatible with most places, and to save it into a file is tedious. (Or maybe I’m ignorant about how most people do this.) If you want to upload it to the internet, that’s another step.

(Admittedly, screenshots are less relevant these days, since these days pictures are taken with phones and those have countless ways to share with friends. People even photograph their computer screens. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Anyways, I use screenshots frequently, especially when programming, so I really appreciate this tool, Lightshot, which basically streamlines everything related to screenshotting on the computer into one beautiful, free tool.

It’s a bit too meta to screenshot the screenshot tool to add pictures here, but here are some of the things it can do:

  • Use a selection tool to choose what part of the screen you want to capture (easy corner-draggers)
  • Annotate the screenshot with pens, lines, rectangles, text, and more, in any color you want
  • Upload to for free and instantly get a shareable link (if you create an account, you can keep everything you’ve uploaded together
  • Save file to computer
  • Send screenshot to the printer
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Share to social media or search for similar images on Google

There’s really not much to say. Lightshot is simple, yet has everything one could need, has a UI that is neither ugly nor overdone. Et sequitur I recommend it highly.

Download the application for any OS here, and check out the general site/generally file host for free here.

Tech Toolbox: Lightshot


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