YouTube Limelight: Synapse

If you have ever watched those 10 minute highlight videos of League of Legends streams on YouTube, you know the typical. A girl in the thumbnail, clickbait titles, routine trash. These videos are usually a drag to me; especially those created for pros and streamers for their personal channels get boring, because not enough captivating content is available on the daily.

However, one channel stands heads and shoulders above the rest–so much that his name has become a Twitch chat term; almost a League of Legends-specific synonym for PogChamp. Synapse stands out as the premium version of highlight channels, and for multiple good reasons. As someone who has a hard time committing to YouTube videos longer than 6 minutes, it’s a testament when I say I will watch any video this channel puts out, at any length. Watching the daily Synapse video is a ritual for me, a highly anticipated ten minutes of joy. It is the first channel that I have ever turned on all notifications for. Intrigued? Here’s why Synapse is so good.

First, he carries himself very professionally and cleanly. While most highlight channels stoop to lewd thumbnails, clickbait titles, and scavenging and stealing Twitch clips to generate views, Synapse is careful to source things himself, receive community contributions, give credit all the time, and respect the wishes of streamers who do not want to appear in his videos. For example, following the recent return of Tyler1 to Twitch, Synapse waited to acquire permission to use clips from his stream before publishing them in his videos. Pretty admirable and honorable compared to the self-elevating, scavenger attitude of most other highlight channels, if you ask me.

The second thing about Synapse is how clearly he communicates with his audience and integrates the audience into the daily experience; not only are viewers invited to submit clips they have taken themselves, and given an opportunity to appear as the comment of the day (through which his hilarious sense of humor is portrayed), but when something irregular comes up in the schedule, it is communicated.

Synapse is also marked by extreme quality. With so many highlight videos coming from every direction every day, viewers can be picky about good editing versus bad editing. Some editing is too obtrusive, some editing is too random, but the art of the edit that enhances humor and skillfully directs the viewer’s attention is laudable. Not only is Synapse’s editing among the best, but his popularity and name reach helps him crowdsource the best clips every day. You go into watching every clip expecting something funny, clutch, or unexpected to happen, and it delivers every time. That’s how I would define quality.

Lastly, something that characterizes Synapse in particular are the running gags he pursues. One of the most famous ones he was responsible for was hashinshin’s “Unstoppable btw,” which he found funny and applied to a lot of other clips. Some others include Kev1n’s bizzare “Outsmarted!”, Pinkward’s non-response, and (one of my favorites) Trick2g’s “I think that was a mistake.” Recently, it’s been hashinshin’s new hit song, “League of hourglass.” (Personally, I don’t find hashinshin very funny, but some people come back just for that, you know. It works.)

As to schedule, it’s roughly every day, but sometimes it’s not every day. It depends on how much content Synapse receives, and, I imagine, a normal life schedule. Also, somewhere after episode #100, he let his viewers know that he would be posting at erratic times of day, because certain trash channels had chosen to copy his work and re-upload it as their own. I mean, that’s when you know you’ve made it, when people are stealing your stuff, right?

Yes, Synapse really only uploads one type of video (he used to upload other kinds before the explosive popularity of his highlight videos), but do you really need to post anything else if what you’ve got it working crazily well? Here’s an old episode that will speak for itself.

I hope I’ve sold it–if you like League of Legends, Synapse is the best you can get. A high quality channel with morals that knows its audience. Personally, I’ve never liked any channel on YouTube more, from any genre. I’ve been watching every episode since shortly before episode #100, and here we are, almost at #300. I genuinely hope this guy goes down in League of Legends history as a pillar and servant of the community., looks like you’re out of a job. I can get all my top-notch highlights every day in one place.

YouTube Limelight: Synapse


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